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"Tik Tok Together" (Ke$ha vs The Beatles) by Doctordude
I think at some point between "This Animal Collective song sounds exactly like that one Kesha song," and "I like 'Tik Tok' a thousand times more than 'Poker Face'," I decided that I secretly love Kesha -- maybe in an ironic hipster kind of way (if that will preserve my credibility), I'm not sure. Either way, love or hate her: you need to listen to this mash-up. It's insane.

"Climbing Up the Walls" (slow) by Radiohead
I don't know why the slowed-down Justin Bieber song which has been going around already feels like old news, but I slowed down "Climbing Up the Walls" by Radiohead (by a factor of five, not eight). Turn on the lights before you listen to this.
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I recently read Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

I once had a girl— )

It's strange to say this knowing that a film adaptation is in the works, but I think that Norwegian Wood will work better as a film than as a book. It may have been the translation, but nothing about the prose itself really gripped me, and I think that a film narrative will bring out the complexities in the characters and their interactions in a more impressive way. I listened to Jonny Greenwood's new piece "Doghouse", which will be adapted into the score for the film, and I adored it — and I think that it will make Norwegian Wood a better film than it would have been otherwise, even. It is precisely what I want from the score to this film.


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