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I have never felt less sane than I do right now., hey, this is a post all about how the fifth series of Doctor Who is really Michael Ende's The Neverending Story in disguise. Well, no; it's about the commonality of particular [awesome] themes and ideas to both Doctor Who (the original neverending story, let's be honest) and The Neverending Story. I have focused mostly on the book rather than the film, but both are relevant to this post. Obviously this post contains spoilers for The Neverending Story (book and film), and Doctor Who up to "The Pandorica Opens". I also mention the title of the next episode although there are no spoilers for that episode contained in this post.

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I recently read Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

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It's strange to say this knowing that a film adaptation is in the works, but I think that Norwegian Wood will work better as a film than as a book. It may have been the translation, but nothing about the prose itself really gripped me, and I think that a film narrative will bring out the complexities in the characters and their interactions in a more impressive way. I listened to Jonny Greenwood's new piece "Doghouse", which will be adapted into the score for the film, and I adored it — and I think that it will make Norwegian Wood a better film than it would have been otherwise, even. It is precisely what I want from the score to this film.


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