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While Annie/Auggie is naturally my pairing of choice for Covert Affairs I realised during this episode that not only do I not have a problem with Annie/Jai I actually ship it a little (at least in the sense that I enjoy their interactions, romantic and otherwise, although I am not invested in the idea of them as a couple at all). I like Jai quite a bit, actually -- which is interesting, considering how completely he replaced the Conrad character from the pilot, who I almost certainly would not have cared for and definitely would not have wanted to see in a relationship with Annie. I feel like this means that I am undeniably a fan of Sendhil Ramamurthy's acting. (I also loved the idea of Auggie and Jai teaming up to try to get Annie out of trouble. What is this feeling? -- is this what liking multiple characters, multiple male characters, within a single show feels like?)

I still desperately wish that Ben and Arthur would both explode in a ball of fire. I loved Joan for essentially calling them both out on being paternalistic and disgusting. I loved Joan all round in this episode, actually, although like everyone else I have issues with her "woman spurned" story arc. Honestly, I feel like all of my problems with this show would evaporate if they would just have Ben and Arthur explode in a ball of fire.

I've also been watching Grandma's House, which is a comedy about a fictionalised Simon Amstell coping with life post-Never Mind the Buzzcocks. I'm adoring it because I over-identify with Simon Amstell (fictional character). I have never been even slightly famous but in a lot of ways he's one of the few characters on television who really approaches what my personality is like. This week's episode broke my heart a little bit -- I would like to write more about it but I'll refrain, partly because I don't think anybody [in the entire world, literally] is watching this show and partly because I think it would be just a little too revealing of my psychology. Recommended if you like Simon Amstell or if you're the same person as me.


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