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Things I liked:

- I thought Benedict Cumberbatch did a good job as the Eleventh Doctor Sherlock Holmes, although I couldn't stop thinking about how small his eyes are. I enjoyed the fact that, despite all of his cleverness, in the end Sherlock was powerless in the face of his need to (1) solve the mystery, and (2) prove his cleverness.

- There was some actual queer representation in this wasn't there (I mean, aside from all the Holmes/Watson jokes)? I wasn't paying much attention at this point but wasn't the implication that Harr(iet) was married to a woman?

- I had thought that there were more things but now I can't think of any. I laughed at most of the jokes.

Things I didn't like:

- I thought it was problematic that Watson was depicted as having a limp and a tremor which were both written off as (and turned out to be) "psychosomatic" -- which were treated as physical metaphors for his boredom and detachment from life since leaving the army and which were cast off once he got some 'excitement'.

- I found the reveal that the serial killer was a cab driver really frustratingly slow. This is something which I believe they lifted from the book (A Study in Scarlet) which I don't think worked particularly well as a twist for a day and age in which people are taught that every cab driver is a potential serial killer or rapist anyway. Wasn't this also the twist in an episode of Criminal Minds or Torchwood or something like that?

- "You never see these marks on a sober man's phone, and you never see a drunk man's phone without them." Ugh, this line was so obnoxious. If I remember correctly, this was said with regard to a set of keys in the book -- and that makes sense, because in order to get inside your house you have to use your keys; on the other hand, not everyone would bother to plug their phone into its charger before passing out on the bed (in fact, I think most people wouldn't; I certainly never do). While I'm talking about things which were totally obnoxious, I didn't like the text overlays which explained all of Sherlock's deductions -- what was the point, when he explained them all afterwards anyway?

- I thought the nicotine patches thing was really stupid. Like, really, profoundly stupid.

Things I'm not sure about:

- Wait, Sherlock is canonically a sociopath in this version? I'm not entirely sure what to do with that.

- I do think that there are elements of Rory to John (I don't know why it feels weirder to type that than to type 'Sherlock'). He's kind of like a 'hardened' Rory. We'll see.
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